Power your Platform with Personality API.

Your employee’s and client’s DNA is their digital fingerprint. Unlock their DNA using a Personality API to predict outcomes, customize experiences, and increase performance.


Since 2001, DNA Behavior has been developing world-class, validated, discovery processes that reliably predict and store personality data. Using the DNA API and a bit of your creativity, you can access this data in real-time to create the next new “killer app” and solve the world’s largest business, financial or life challenges.

Going Live Checklist

Ready to go live? Below are the considerations and steps you should review with your team before starting to use our Production API.


Before going live, please ensure that you and a DNA Behavior representative have discussed the various billing plans available in our production environment.

Differences between Sandbox and Production:

The Sandbox and Production API are nearly identical. Primarily, the difference is your Group ID and base URLs. Review the Production API here.

QA Testing:

Before going live, it is key to ensure that the behavioral results are accurate. In order to do this, make sure that your end-to-end user experience of the questionnaire completion and results shown on the screen are accurate. DNA Behavior has QA engineers which can be enlisted on a project basis to help verify this process. Please contact DNA Behavior if you wish to schedule the use of our QA engineers to help test your questionnaire process on a billable, project basis.

  • Are answers provided on screen accurately saved in your database?
  • Are the answers stored in the database accurately transcribed into the Submit Answers POST?
  • Are the response details included in the API responses stored accurately in your database?
  • Are you storing the GUIDs and Credit IDs for every participant in your system?
  • Does your database support the ability to update data if multiple calls are made and different data is received? It is rare, but if data which has already been sent to you needs to be updated, your team will be required to refresh data on your end. Ensure that either A) your platform has the capability to make subsequent calls on the same record and update data which may have been updated or B) you have an internal process developed to handle this occurrence.

Branding & IP:

Are all mentions of DNA Behavior consistent with DNA Behavior’s branding standards and agreement terms?

Terms and Conditions:

  • Does your website have a Terms and Conditions and GDPR statement?
  • If you intend to send customer data (client First Name, Last Name, and Email Address) to DNA Behavior, is this clearly stated in your Terms and Conditions?


  • Do you have internal policies and procedures for handling support cases?
  • Is your team aware that any support cases created within DNA Behavior’s systems are subject to our MSA?


  • Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?
  • Are DNA Behavior’s hours of operation and support instructions included in this plan?

Production API Credentials Request:

  • Once all of the above steps are completed and considered, please contact DNA Behavior make a request for you production API credentials.